Review by Junaid Samsi

I was in touch with Mr. Shahrukh and Mr. Sachin from BricksandRoof. They helped me find the right property according to my requirement. Along, Mr. Shahrukh helped me in getting a tenant for the same property. The post-sales service is commendable. I recommend BricksandRoof to anyone who wants to buy/sell or lease/rent their property.

Review by Sandeep R

Good and responsive for requirements

Review by Soumya


I am incredibly impressed by the working scheme of this real estate agent. The agent enabled me to meet hundreds of sellers and land owners who want to sell their property. Also, the agent helped me in getting the best deal. I am thankful to the agent for their impressive efforts and suggestions.

Review by Sharad Ghorpade


Unlike other real estate agents in India, I found it very easy to contact this real estate agent and get suitable buyers and tenants for my properties. I wanted to sale one of my properties and also wanted to offer a property on rent. I am glad that I chose this real estate agent over all the others who were very difficult to comprehend.

Review by Rishabh Singh Sengar


I have had the privilege of knowing this real estate agent for few years and my experience has been amazing. I wanted to purchase a property when I first contacted the agent and got the best deal. Since then, I always contact this agent only. And, I would recommend this real estate agent to everyone out here.